The College has an effective and objective multi-tier Grievance Redressal Mechanism, consisting of several forums and committees, that focuses on careful and sensitive handling of student grievances. The following committees/cells/units are duly constituted for resolution of various types of grievances:  

                                            Academic and Curricular Issues

  1. Matters pertaining to Admissions: Admission Grievance Committee
  2. Matters pertaining to Teaching-Learning: Teacher-In-Charges of respective Departments
  3. Matters pertaining to Internal Assessment: Internal Assessment Committee                                                                                   Non-Academic Issues
  4. Matters pertaining to general discipline: Discipline Committee
  5. Matters pertaining to discrimination: Equal Opportunity Cell
  6. Matters pertaining to infrastructure: Administrative Office
  7. Matters pertaining to sexual harassment: Internal Complaints Committee
  8. Matters pertaining to ragging: Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti-Ragging Cell
  9. Grievances related to Hostel
  10. General Grievances

For any other grievances not categorized above: Students Grievance Redressal Committee

Students may register their grievances through the following channels


  1. The aggrieved student(s) may directly approach the Convenor of appropriate committee with a written application or through email.
  2. In case of ragging related grievances, the aggrieved student (s) may directly inform any of the members of the Anti-Ragging Committee and/or Anti-Ragging Cell, SRCC on mobile. The details of the Anti-Ragging Committee and Anti Ragging Cell are published on the website.
  3. Grievances, on plain paper, may be posted in complaint boxes fixed around the campus at the following places:
    1. Outside Administrative Office
    2. Outside Library Block
    3. Near Principal’s Office at central stair case (ground-floor) of the Main Building
    4. In the Co-operative Area
  4. For matters of teaching-learning and internal assessment, students are advised to first express their grievance to the concerned faculty members. On non-resolution of grievance, the student may approach the Convenor, Internal Assessment Committee with a written application or through email.
  5. Aggrieved student (s) may also submit their grievance in writing or through email to the

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